December 7, 2008

Alliterative Agitations

Our alliterative daughters, Anna Marie and Kathleen, came up with the following statement, amidst much laughter, a couple nights ago.

Priscilla had a pretty, painful, poopy, peaceful, prissy, pleasant, pity-party where she porked on pieces of pie, pancakes, peppermints, pumpkins, pistachios, peanuts, pink pomegranates, plum pudding, purple peaches, parsley, pears, pickles, picalilli, and pasties and pacified her parents, Parliament, pigs, policemen, Packers, pagans, Peter Rabbit, Padre Pio, painters, Pakistanis, patriotic politicians, paleontologists, paleogeographers, Palestinians, Panamanians, a plump parrot, and poetic Portuguese penpals who packed into her palace in Paradise.

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