June 4, 2008

Look Out, Sneaky Guys!

Joe and the kids were playing a board game the other night. While the game was in high gear, hungry Joe (aka "Dad") reached over to grab a handful of peanuts.

Apparently, the two-year-with-eagle-eyes didn't approve.

"You 'neaky guy. I bank you," she scolded sternly, with all the seriousness she could muster.

(Translation: "You're a sneaky guy. I'm going to spank you.")

For more funnies from the mouths of babes, see my friend Meredith's blog.


Barb said...

Wo, dangerous! An enforcer! When she's not raiding the pantry?!

Sandy said...

Oh my goodness. She's a little fire-cracker! :))

Christie said...

how funny!! My 2 yr old says "I bank you" too...along with "boys, quiet!" and "boys, listen to me." lol He's my little Mr. Mom.

Soul Pockets said...

So cute. I love how she called him sneaky.