May 13, 2008

Anna Marie Has Been Writing Poetry

From the pen of our eleven-year-old:

A sea of green, yellow, and blue.
The pitter-patter of rain on the roof.
The wind, ruffling my hair, and playing in the branches of the trees.
Cold lemonade, trickling down my throat.
The faint, clean scent of lilacs.

Yellow and white daisies on the edge of the road.
The twitter of birds, as they chase through the air.
The rays of the sun, warming my face.
The clean, oniony taste of chives.
Hamburgers, letting off their savory scent, while cooking on the grill.


A sky full of yellow, red, orange and brown.
The crisp, dry crunch of leaves under my feet.
A gust of wind, bringing in a cold front.
Sweet, creamy pumpkin pie.
The smoky scent of bonfires.

A world of swirling whiteness.
The crackling fire.
Snowflakes melting lightly on my cheeks and lips.
The warm, spicy taste of a freshly baked gingersnap.
The clean, crisp scent of snow.

Turquoise looks happy and cheerful, like bluebirds.
Turquoise feels warm and breezy as a spring morning.
Turquoise smells like freshly cut grass.
Turquoise sounds like the twitter of birds.
Turquoise tastes sweet and tangy, like an orange.

Navy Blue
Navy blue looks big and cold as a winter evening sky.
Navy blue feels cold and hostile like a desert night.
Navy blue smells bitter as black coffee.
Navy blue sounds windy and loud as a tornado.
Navy blue tastes as strong as black licorice.


Barb said...

Somehow I see watercolor illustrations with each of these!

Kelly said...

I love this poetry! It just might end up in one of my scrapbooks someday! (with proper acknowlegement, of course...)

Claudia said...

Anna Marie, you are expanding your
creative talents! The colored pencil drawing you gave me would be nice with a poem to accompany it, as it sits on my front hall table.
love, Mrs D

Kris said...

Beautiful work, Anna Marie! I love your poems. My Teresa loves to write poems as would be a good teacher for her!