March 16, 2008

The Never-Ending Winter

With snow to fill the record books and then some (nearly ninety inches this winter!), Joe and his plow got a good workout.

Joe's plow got stuck a few times this winter. Yes, that's Joe back there, digging out.

Your challenge: Find Joe amidst the snow. Looks like a white-out? Look carefully now... There you go... Right in the middle of the photo... Yes, that's the plow blade to the left, and the body of the tractor (with Joe atop) toward the right--just a shadow in the middle of one of our blizzards.

Before dark fell and before the storm was over, our deck was already piling up with mounds of snow...

And here's the backyard view from our bedroom window the next morning. Look at how the wind pushed the snow overnight! Beautiful!


Barb said...

Aaaahhhhh, the nightmare returns! Make it go away! :o0

Elizabeth said...

As of today, we're close to 100" for the year. Amazing!