December 28, 2007

William's 7th Birthday

I can't believe our little man is seven! This is the boy who was given a fifteen percent chance to live during his infancy. He not only beat those odds, but he came out of the ordeal strong and healthy, obliterating the predictions. We are so blessed to have Sweet William in our lives. (Speaking of "Sweet William," I have a little spot in my garden where I planted the Sweet William perennial the spring after his medical ordeal. It's still doing great, and I think William relishes the fact that it's there as a tribute to him.)

Without further ado, here are some birthday photos. The castle is William's big and highly-cherished birthday gift. As for the cake, can you tell what William's favorite sport (not to mention favorite team) is? Moira and Jen, you should have been here for the green and gold celebration!


Sandy said...

Love the cake! The handsome boy!! And most of all ... miracles!
Happy Birthday!

Kris said...

Happy 7th birthday, William! We love thw castle, the Packer football birthday cake and most of all your beautiful smile! We remember very clearly when you were born, and like many other friends, are very thankful that you are now a happy healthy boy! God bless, The Delaneys

Barb said...

He and Grace have something in common. Gotta luv those miracle babies! Sweet castle too!