December 6, 2007

Frazzles Dusted with Snow

Well, I've been just a wee bit frazzled lately, trying to juggle all the demands of life with five kids, homeschooling, and preparing for Christmas. Oh, in case I forgot to mention: There is also the fact that we're in the midst of community theatre productions -- a mere seven plays over two weekends, all coming right on the heels of three months of nightly rehearsals. All this chauffeur wants for Christmas is a great big nap!

When I come up for air, I'll catch up on the blog posting. For now, here are some lovely winter photos of our backyard and some additional shots of two very happy boys.


Barb said...

Luv the snowsuits! The boys look like they're experts with the snow!

Claudia said...

Elizabeth, those photos of the snowy landscape are beeeeutiful!

and, of course, the boys are darlings....I think I see William smiling under that face mask!
takes me back to the days when my kids were small and played hard outside in the snow.