October 3, 2007

They Sew!

Our girls have turned into little sewing fiends. I love it! We've been working on sewing skills for the last year or so, but so sporadically that it had not gotten us very far.

Things took a turn this summer when I signed my two oldest girls up for a four-day sewing camp and, in move of perfect timing, Grandma Kate bought Anna Marie and Kathleen a sewing machine on the occasion of Anna Marie's birthday. (The Grandma Kate machine is a huge improvement over my old clunker which was mostly frustrating for the girls and for me.)

Anna Marie has been sewing everything from doll clothes to little purses to pajama bottoms. Kathleen has followed suit, learning alongside Anna Marie. Here are a couple fun little bags that Anna Marie whipped up for her twin cousins, purposely setting the pockets askew. Great fun!


Andrea said...

Cool! I LOVED sewing as a girl, but don't find the time now :) can't imagine why?

Barb said...

One of my girls who started sewing around their ages now makes whole garments with zippers and button holes. Yay for teaching them to sew!