September 18, 2007

Taking Back His Words

We were having a simple lunch of bean and cheese quesadillas today. As I was spreading the refried black beans on the tortilla, three-year-old Andrew came along, took one look, and exclaimed,

"Eeeew! That looks like cat poo..." [stopping himself before the final consonant]

[pause, quick mental check]...

"Um, Mom, I didn't actually say that..."

[another pause, wheels rapidly turning]...

"I love you soooo much, Mom."

Nice save, little guy.


Barb said...

Wow, he'll be a smooth one by the time he gets to teenagehood! Snappy tie!

Kris said...

This post made me laugh!! And that picture! What a handsome little man. Please also thank little Andrew for his beautiful heart card for Erin. It was so so sweet and he did a fantastic job. We have it right by her crib for her to enjoy. Thank you all for your prayers. Love, Kris