March 1, 2007

More blizzard photos

Just had to share a few more blizzard photos.

The first photo was taken by yours truly as the blizzard was just getting underway. I don't know precisely what the wind gusts were on top of our barren hill, but suffice it to say that we've never had to remove the closed umbrella from the table on our deck. Usually it just sits there closed through the winter and does fine. However, we were certain it was going to snap off at the point where it met the table, so Joe and Anna Marie went out there in the blinding snow (note the ski goggles on hubby), and attempted to remove the umbrella. Joe was standing on top of a slippery, snowy table in some 40 MPH winds, near the deck rail, approximately 14 feet off the ground, making his wife just a wee bit nervous.

The second photo was taken the next morning, with the snow blown and drifted up against our deck's sliding door. Yes, the wind did all that overnight -- the same wind that was giving me gray hairs while Joe was standing on the table the night before. (Note that the umbrella remains. It was sticking and we couldn't muscle it out in that wind, despite about 20 minutes of trying. Glad it didn't break!)

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